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Zuri Speaks Talk Radio Featuring
Nalani Valentine
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Air Date
Sept. 16th, 2012 4:00 PM

1 hs 42 mins
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The Dynasty Network (DN) was birthed in the mind of T'Malkia (Empress T) Zuri, host of the weekly talk show "Life After Christianity 101" also broadcasting from Dynasty Radio 1382. She is also the owner/operator of a Book Publishing company Griot Publishing House, a Web Designing and Web Hosting company Griot Sites. Empress T's inspiration for this network stems from her Ancestral connection to the Grand Queen Mother Tiye of the 18th Dynasty during Ancient Kemet (Egypt). Dynasty Network is a no-holds barred growing network of indigenous men and women who work overtime to bring you enlightenment, education, and inspiration. We are the Revolutionary Radio 1382.
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Empress T is joined by Dr.Nalani Valentine as she discusses how she healed herself from Breast to combat free radical cells throughout the body... the functioning of the Natural Killer cells... what is proper foods -vs-non-organic foods.... what types of water are better for the body....the dangers of using fluoride and what are the alternatives... how to shop for health foods at a supermarket, the dangers of processed foods and sugars ....the dangers of improper exercises..and more.

BIO:  Nalani Valentine (known as Dr. Nalani) is the founder of New York's Heal by Touch Oasis, Co-Director of the Self-Healing Center in New York City, and Co-founder of The University of Kemetian Sciences Online.

Dr. Nalani received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Empire State College, New York, in 1990, a PhD in Hygienic Science from The Life Science Institute in 2001, and her Masters and Doctorate of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Healing in 2004. A nutritionist for over 40 years, Dr. Nalani is currently a Wellness Educator for NSA Juice Plus+.

Although her main focus has been in the Health Sciences, Dr. Nalani is also a lover of languages. In 1976 Dr. Nalani began her language career teaching English Language Arts, (ELA) and in 1997 became an Interpreter of American Sign Language (ASL). From 1982 until 1999 she tutored and taught English and ASL for several CUNY colleges in New York City, and at the Seymour Joseph Institute of American Sign Language, where the majority of her students were teachers within the New York City Board of Education. She also taught the advanced level of their Sign Language Interpreting program.

In 1998 Dr. Nalani began her study of Medu Netcher, and in 2012, Japanese.