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T'Malkia Zuri, affectionately known as "Empress T" is the Founder and CEO of Griot Publishing House and Griot International LLC as well as “The Write Cipher”, an organization that assists inspiring/aspiring Writers in sharing their thoughts with the world. She is the Founder of, a webhosting and web design business that specialize in custom web designs, domain maintenance and more.

Empress T is also the Founder and CEO of a Revolutionary Network called "DYNASTY NETWORK GLOBAL RADIO 1382". Ms. Zuri has Authored 4 books: "Sister2Sister: A Treasured Gift/Repairing the GAP in Sisterhood, You Better Not Tell Yo' Mama, It's Mourning Time: Fasting the Spirit Man. and He, She & Them: Restoring the Original Family" She is also releasing her latest book "Polygyny: A Queen's Perspective" due in June 2016 and "Counterfeit Before the Queen" in late November of 2016. Ms. Zuri desires to see restoration in the "black" families as well as healthy relationships that will strengthen the family structure. Ms. Zuri also is overjoyed each time she helps an aspiring author put their writings into print.

On top of the many hats that she wears, Ms. Zuri is currently attending The University Of Metaphysics in Arizona and is working towards here Doctrine in Transpersonal Psychology.

Ms. Zuri started her radio "career" at KXXT 1010-AM in Phoenix, AZ, a Christian Radio Station, and after being told on several occasions to "soften" the topics or else...Zuri Speaks Talk Radio sought another avenue to continue broadcasting where there would be no compromising of the "TRUTH"...Internet Radio!

Ms. Zuri started her publishing company in 2007. Following her success as a publisher, Ms. Zuri opened a book store in 2009 and started a website/webhosting company in 2011. She is a recovering Christian who is 3 years clean and has devoted much of her time to sharing what she has learned. Her main objective is "NOT to convert our people, but to present what is known as "facts" and provoke our people to think and study for themselves".

Ms. Zuri is the Mother and life coach of 3 Children, ages 18, 22, and 25, and 1 Grand daughter 2.
Empress T
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The Dynasty Network (DN) was birthed in the mind of T'Malkia (Empress T) Zuri, host of the weekly talk show "Life After Christianity 101" also broadcasting from Dynasty Radio 1382. She is also the owner/operator of a Book Publishing company Griot Publishing House, a Web Designing and Web Hosting company Griot Sites. Empress T's inspiration for this network stems from her Ancestral connection to the Grand Queen Mother Tiye of the 18th Dynasty during Ancient Kemet (Egypt). Dynasty Network is a no-holds barred growing network of indigenous men and women who work overtime to bring you enlightenment, education, and inspiration. We are the Revolutionary Radio 1382.
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