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The Dynasty Network (DN) was birthed in the mind of T'Malkia (Empress T) Zuri, host of the weekly talk show "Life After Christianity 101" also broadcasting from Dynasty Radio 1382. She is also the owner/operator of a Book Publishing company Griot Publishing House, a Web Designing and Web Hosting company Griot Sites. Empress T's inspiration for this network stems from her Ancestral connection to the Grand Queen Mother Tiye of the 18th Dynasty during Ancient Kemet (Egypt). Dynasty Network is a no-holds barred growing network of indigenous men and women who work overtime to bring you enlightenment, education, and inspiration. We are the Revolutionary Radio 1382.
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Dr. Afivi Adiro
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Kenya (K.J) Jones
Food For Medicine is a talk show with Hosts Kenya Jones and Afivi Adiro that discusses different alternative Foods for Medicine...The Premise of Food for Medicine is to Enlighten African people on how to use food, not just as an alternative to medicine… But also to use food as it was intended by our Ancestors… This show is designed to teach you, how to “Eat to Live… instead of Living to Eat…
FOOD FOR MEDICINE w/ Dr. Afivi Adiro & Kenya "K.J" Jones
Airs Live on Fridays @ 3PM MST