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Welcome to the Dynasty
The Dynasty Network (DN) was birthed in the mind of T'Malkia (Empress T) Zuri, host of the weekly talk show "Life After Christianity 101" also broadcasting from Dynasty Radio 1382. She is also the owner/operator of a Book Publishing company Griot Publishing House, a Web Designing and Web Hosting company Griot Sites. Empress T's inspiration for this network stems from her Ancestral connection to the Grand Queen Mother Tiye of the 18th Dynasty during Ancient Kemet (Egypt). Dynasty Network is a no-holds barred growing network of indigenous men and women who work overtime to bring you enlightenment, education, and inspiration. We are the Revolutionary Radio 1382.
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Kenya Jones was born in Chicago, Ill in the year 1980, She grew up in an impoverished neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago in a community known as Rockwell Gardens. As a little girl, Kenya dreamed of being a counselor when she grew up.  She migrated to Wisconsin in 1993...Ms. Jones attending nursing school to become a registered nurse.....She has affectionately been coined "the Dynasty's Therapist". 

“KJ”, (as called by her friends and team members)
joined Dynasty Network in the year 2012. She made several guest appearances on “Zuri Speaks Talk Radio”, and soon landed her own show on the Dynasty Network. The Master Teacher’s Hour was born on September 25th, 2012.

Now as a avid reader/student and coupled with her knowledge and love for the Black Nation, she is a true soldier to the Movement.  Kenya is on a mission to becoming the most spiritually in-tuned being in the UNIVERSE.

KJ’s love for her people is the driving force behind her passion to see her people awaken to their God-selves.