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Now Playing.......Zuri Speaks Talk Radio Featuring General Sara Suten Seti
Zuri Speaks Talk Radio Featuring
General Sara Suten Seti
Get ready as we welcome  7 STAR GENERAL of the BLACK POWER CARTEL (B.P.C.), Lecturer, Teacher, Liberator General Sara Suten Seti to Zuri Speaks Talk Radio.

BIO: SARA SUTEN SETI is the commanding 7 STAR GENERAL of the BLACK POWER CARTEL (B.P.C.) Movement for Global Afrakan Supremacy! General Seti is a second generation student & strict disciple of Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan & Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Born & raised on the streets of Detroit, General Seti in his early years was taken under the wing of his Uncle Piankhi Menkheperra & introduced to African History, Heritage & Nile Valley Teachings. Piankhi himself having been raised into the CRAFT OF AMEN RA by the Grand Master & High Priest Yosef ben Jochannan after 9 years of study in Egypt, Sudan & Ethiopia. It was under his uncle Piankhi that General Seti was introduced to Dr. Ben & Dr. Clarke. With all that he learned, General Seti went into the Detroit Public School System as a Youth Program Corrdinator, an established the Alkebulanian Three Sixty Rites of Passage System (2000-2005) at Northern Model High. Over 200 students was initiated into Afrakan Manhood & Womanhood Rites under Seti in that 5 year spanned. In 2003 General Seti made his first pilgrimage to Egypt under Master Teacher Ashra Kewsi! General Seti went on to take 2 more trips in 2004-05 for a total of 3 years which after he was raised into the CRAFT OF TEHUTI. With all the talents that the General possessed, his first introduction to the world was through Youtube where Seti set the INTERNET BLACK POWER REVOLUTION ON FIRE with millions of hits!! In three years he went on to produce 40 dvd lectures and launch the BLACK POWER CARTEL website. With Classic lectures such as Alim vs. Seti, The False Teachings of the Moorish Science temple, Making of the White Man & The Black Woman Iz God! We are in the presence of one of the MOST ELECTRIC TEACHERS of Afrakan History & Commanding Street Generals of Today!! THE COMMANDING 7 STAR B.P.C. GENERAL , BROTHER OF THE CRAFT OF TEHUTI/AMEN RA! INTRODUCING TO YOU GENERAL SARA SUTEN SETI!!!
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Air Date
Nov.25th, 2012 4:00 PM

2 hs 31 mins
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